E.L.F Trans Kft. started its operation in 2015 based on nearly 20 years international transport
The newly established ELF project provides several variety of services. Research and development are
the main profiles next to international transport. We have lighter than 12 tons fleet which is unique in
the transport market so we are able to carry even 28 tons.
As result of innovation introduced by the company, not price but capacity competition has been
started. Thanks to this we significantly stand out among our competitor. This market leading role is
advantage not only for us in facilitated transport but also for our partners as it effects significant
savings regarding transport costs, which can reach even 15% on annual basis. We are very proud on
that we not only use but keep developing the newness in the context of innovation and it hasn’t
stopped since then.
Our business model makes possible to react quickly to the occurent market demands. This knowledge
is an appropriate base to pass our experiences to our new and existing partner.
Not least environmental awareness is one of the main viewpont of our commitment to environment.
We take part in programmes like oxy-tree colonization or ZeroCo2 – based on it we support green
projects in the same rate with our environmental pressures (more information: http://oxytree.com/hu), http://zeroco2.cc/hu)